Eeboo Seafood Puzzle

Eeboo Seafood Puzzle

This colorful bunch of undersea friends is also a colorful game of “pretend.” Excuse me for asking, I don’t mean to be rude, When YOU look at this picture, do you think you see food? eeBoo Puzzles offer the most beautiful illustration, the best design, and the sturdiest materials. Made From 90% Recycled Gray Board.

Starwars Plush

Starwars Plush

Judge them by their size, do you? Star wars plush characters are waiting to invade your home!

Put Your Ugly Hat On!

Ugly Hats

Keep your head warm with your favourite Ugly Doll. Choose from five Ugly styles!

Easter Treats That Won’t Rot Your Teeth

Easter 2011

  • Bunnies Galore! Sweet and cuddly to funky hopping
  • Playmobil Easter Eggs
  • Mr. Potato Head Spud Bunny
  • Snuggly Lambs, chicks, and duckies (squeaky ones too)
  • Egg decoration kits and Easter baskets
  • Egg shaped bubble gum
  • Easter Jelly Kabobs

How Sweet! We’re Cupcake Crazy

Cupcake Crazy

Cupcake hair jewellery, robot cupcake molds, cupcake puzzles, kids cupcake baking sets, cupcake bandaids, cupcake dental floss, cupcake mints and EVEN CUPCAKE TOOTHPASTE!

How to Make Monstrously Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles

Big Bubbles

This gizmo makes monster bubbles. We’re talking 30-footers. Float one around the corner and scare the mail carrier. Directions and bubble solution recipe included. By Klutz.

We Love Phone Orders

We Love Phone Orders!

Call us at 604.224.5311 Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm, and we will be happy to customize your order for local pickup only at 2901 West Broadway. Sorry, no shipping at this time, due to COVID-19. Or try out our new online shop! It’s all part of our famous Kaboodles personal service!

Refunds + Exchanges

Refunds + Exchanges

Usually, we would gladly exchange or refund items within 14 days with receipt; however, with COVID-19, we are unable to process returns or exchanges at this time. If your purchase is really NOT what you wanted upon pickup at our store, please retain your receipt and the item within its original packaging (do not open), email us and we will process returns when we can. No refund or exchange on sale items, opened items or items with damaged packaging.