Hello Summer

Wasn’t our spring (a.k.a. never ending winter) just SO chilly… and so very LONG?! Well, the sun is shining and it’s FINALLY time to play outdoors! So we’ve rounded up some of our fave active toys for taking outside to parks, beaches and on camping trips and that promote physical and emotional well being — for the entire family. Wishing you and your littles a happy, active summer!

– Lee + Kaboodles Team

Kites at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Colourful Kites

Just in case those windy days aren’t quite behind us, we have a colourful selection of kites in animal, dinosaur, dragon and abstract designs.

Ages 6+   $27.99+

Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring

This smaller version of the Aerobie Pro flies twice as far as a regular disc, making for exhilarating games of catch in wide open spaces with soft, easy catches.

Ages 5+   $14.99

Jump Rocket at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Jump Rocket

Simple, easy and FUN, jump on the air pump to launch (and we do mean launch) the soft foam rocket up to 250 feet — about the height of a 15-storey building!

Ages 4+   $31.99

Tuban Bubble Ring at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Tuban Bubble Ring

Oh the magic of bubbles! A subtle wave and they magnificently float all around you. Tuban’s own bubble fluid, known for record-setting bubbles, sold separately.

Ages 3+   $7.99

Nerf Guns at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Nerf Guns

We carry a wide selection for all your Nerf needs, from foam shooters to Super Soakers for you to cool down on those (hopefully soon) HOT days of summer.

Ages 4+   $10.99+

Walkaroo Wee Stilts at Kaboodles Toy Store Vancouver

Walkaroo Wee Stilts

Tots will have fun trotting around on these! Made from tough, tubular steel like adult stilts, but engineered for small kids’ easy balance and movement.

Ages 4+   $71.99

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