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March 2010 - Lego Prince of Persia Coming Soon!
Toy Lady Report: Our toy buyers love to test toys. It's hard work sometimes, but we do our best. We critique each toy individually, looking for safety, quality, play value and fun quotient. Will the toy engage the child's imagination and creativity? How many different ways can the toy be used? Does it involve the development of language, social skills or physical dexterity? Is it the kind of toy that a child comes back to over and over again? And, of course, is it fun?!
Jump Rocket Pogo Stick Playmobil Ghost Pirates
jumpin' power
Powered by your kid! Just jump to launch the Geospace Jump Rocket and it zooms up to 150 feet.
boink bounce boink
Hop in and check out our Pogo Sticks! Classic, active fun!
ghost pirates attack!
Yikes, it's a three-headed dragon! Sail the Ghost Pirate Ship by Playmobil into the dark quiet seas, but look out for the spooky whale skeleton and don't get pinched by the Giant Crab!
Sprig Trucks Hugly Doll Turny Burny Sumoku
go play outdoors
Digging, loading and dumping: the tried-and-true formula for sandbox fun! Get outside, into the fresh air with these awesome construction trucks by Sprig. These eco-friendly and kid-powered trucks are made in Europe from Canadian-made Sprigwood bio-composite.
unleash your inner teddy
We have everything from the cuddliest to the zaniest critters for both kids and silly adults! Featured here: Turny Burny is hip, huggable and not at all ugly.
sumoku by blue orange games
You can play this crossword-style game of numbers 5 different ways. Just add up the tiles to multiples of the number shown on the die. Once the tiles are connected together, it's a Sumoku! Packed with challenges and great for travel. Ages 9+
Lady Bug Lunch Kit Gone Buggy Bendaroos
ladybird ladybird, fly away home
Ladybird umbrellas, back packs, lunchkits, purses and rolling luggage. We have wind up lady bug flashlights too!
kaboodles has bugs
We've got everything you need to explore the world of bugs: Creature keepers, bug vacuums and viewers, pond nets, magnifiers, worm and ant farms and more. You'll need to bring your own bugs. And get buggy with bug stickers, bug puppets, bug books, stuffed bugs, windup bugs, bug puzzles, robot bugs and the Balancing Bug Game!
Magical wax over super-strong string. They stick, stay and lift for non-stop play. Super durable, easy-to-use, no glue, no mess. Simply unbend them and you can use them again and again.
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We Love Phone Orders!

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Refunds + Exchanges

Refunds + Exchanges

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