Toy Store Times March 2012
Kaboodles Toy Store Times
March 2012 - Spring
Starwars Paper Flyers Zombie Dolls Starwars Madlibs
klutz books
Command your own Starfleet. Build paper Starfighters from a Galaxy far far away with the new Star Wars Folded Flyers Book from Klutz. No guarantee they'll fly that far, but they are loads of fun. Just fold and fly!
zombie dolls
Embrace your inner zombie. Protect yourself with a little zombie pocket friend. You never know what or who you might run into on the streets. It is 2012 after all! Handmade monsters all the way from Thailand.
No wrong answers here! Just fill in those blanks then read aloud for a hilariously good time. Invented in 1953, but still fresh with Star Wars, Ninjas and so much more!
LEGO Superheros Perplexus Budkins
lego superheros
Kaboodles is a lot safer from the shenanigans of the Joker with the new Superhero LEGO sets. Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman have been dutifully patrolling our shelves! Come pick out your fave hero!
They're back and harder than ever! Flip, balance, turn and torture your brain with these mind-boggling three dimensional puzzle spheres, which come in 3 levels of perplexing difficulty!
Wee People for Wee Hands. These posable friends are made with sustainably harvested wood from Indonesia, where they are painted and stitched with love. Let your imagination soar!
Cupcake Set Eurographics Ukloo
me, myself & us
Baking sets for the chef in the making! Bake up a storm with these adorable sets! Butterflies, fairies and cute animals are sure to delight and satisfy any sweet tooth.
Good Enough to Frame. Appreciate the works of great masters like Van Gogh, Dega and Renoir with these 1000 piece puzzle art prints by Eurographics. Won't cost you gallery prices, a plane ticket nor admission!
They'll be learning and won't even know it! Toronto Mom hits it big with the Dragon's Den Crew (March 14) to bring you this award winning game. Get your little one hunting for treasures around the house while they learn to recognize objects and read at the same time!
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We Love Phone Orders!

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Refunds + Exchanges

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