Toy Store Times June 2012 - Fiesta + Parade, Summer Toys
Kaboodles Toy Store Times
June 2012 - Point Grey Fiesta Day
Playmobil Soccer Tentacle Fingers Inflatable Dinosaurs
play ball
Flip open the Playmobil portable soccer stadium, set up the goals – and we have kick-off! Make up your favourite team from six different countries with real kicking action!
tentacle fingers
For a spectacular tentacular good laugh! Everyone should have tentacles instead of fingers because they make every aspect of life more fun.
blow up dino
Detailed and durable inflatable dinosaurs will scare the neighbours! Just give them the breath of life and they will be happy to do it. Great summer fun!
Nerf Water Gun Bug Back Packs Ice Cream Mugs
super soakers
Take revenge on the rain!
Harness all that west coast rain in a neighborhood water fight. Sunny days are just around the corner... fingers crossed! From Nerf.
lil' backpacks
Harness natural instincts. Lightweight, weatherproof, comfortable animal-themed toddler backpacks include a hood and removable safety rein. Your curious monkey will never wander too far on their adventures!
ice cream mugz
Bye Bye Ice Cream Man! Fresh ice cream in just three minutes! Just mix, shake and enjoy. Best part is explaining the "magic" to your friends! No batteries required.
Calico Caravan Scrabble Mug Caton Junior
calico caravan
Away They Go! Your Calico Critter families can go on an exciting vacation with all the comforts of home in this fully furnished Camper Caravan. Jealous much?
scrabble mugs
Every Point Counts. These iconic ceramic scrabble tile mugs will give you a smile!
catan junior
Plunder your way to riches! Introduce your pirate apprentice to a simpler playing style of the acclaimed Settlers of Catan. Battle the Ghost Captain, hunt for gold, sail ships and even raise goats!
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Refunds + Exchanges

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